Deposit Tracker

Through the use of advanced technology, the SureTraxx™ Precise Deposit Advantage Program guarantees 100% accuracy and ensures that every numbered tamper-evident bag we manufacture is accounted for in its proper box.

Never Lose Track with SureTraxx™

SureTraxx™ allows for an easy audit trail and creates a “dead end” in the path of counterfeiters who try to remove money and/or switch bags after a deposit is believed to have been night-dropped at the bank. With SureTraxx™, you can now track every deposit that is made, and even those that are not made.


How SureTraxx™ Works

During production at NELMAR, every bag is scanned for barcode readability and is registered in a database with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

The serial numbers of the FIRST and LAST bags within a given box are imprinted on the outside of the box in both human-readable and barcode form. Every bag number in the sequence is accounted for and guaranteed to be present in the box. The numbering-sequence barcodes on the side of each box are scanned at the departure point before being shipped to any store/branch within a chain. The receiving store/branch will then be responsible for every bag in the number sequence that was scanned at the departure point.

If a store deposit bag arrives at a bank with incomplete information in the depositor address area, the bank can simply contact the departure location at which the boxes were originally scanned and then confirm which store/branch received the numbered bag in question, allowing the bank to post the deposit to the proper account.

SureTraxx Deposit Tracker suretraxx_scan