NELMAR’s Commitment to the Environment

19/06/2015, de Sam Pearl

NELMAR Security Packaging Systems cares for the environment and ensures that resources are used in the most sustainable way possible. That’s why all NELMAR products are category 4 LDPE recyclable. Our Company believes that a comprehensive recycling program will result in a reduction of overall plastic production and energy consumption, while increasing operational efficiencies. We dismiss the notion of degradability and instead invoke the mantra:


NELMAR is continuously dedicated to a greener future for our customers:


– NELMAR products are 100% recyclable. By recycling plastic, we save valuable landfill space, which is becoming increasingly scarce.

– Elimination of paper labels – we inkjet-print all information directly onto packing boxes.

– Heat recapture – we recycle heat generated by our machinery and use it to heat our facility.

– Reduced water usage – by using a closed-loop recirculating water system, we prevent water waste during our operations.

– We have reduced our energy consumption by 40% with the installation of new energy-saving light fixtures throughout our manufacturing facility.

– Our technologically-advanced machinery significantly reduces our post-production scrap. We recycle 100% of post-production scrap.


As a company, we advocate and participate in the reduction of energy consumption, while reusing and diverting waste from landfills. When it comes to manufacturing our products, we’re constantly thinking of new methods of minimizing our environmental impact.

NELMAR is committed to increasing the sustainability of our products, as well as to improving the quality of life of our customers. When you use NELMAR products, you play a part in caring for the environment.

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