Security Level
SECUR-PAK™ offers maximum security against every type of tampering attempt.

Unmatched Security

Manufactured with co-extruded 3-layer film, SECUR-PAK™ offers the most sophisticated “fold-over” tamper-evident closure system currently available on the market. The user-friendly closure includes a self-sealing mechanism that offers high-tech security features for retail deposit bags, bank deposit bags, vault bags, evidence bags, patient property bags, and biohazard bags.

tamper-evident bags

Features and Benefits

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SECUR-PAK™ is categorized as LEVEL 4, which is the highest security level, as it incorporates both heat and cold-indicating technology.

side seal

Side Seals
Indented pouch seals used on all bags.
Curved or patterned side seals are available upon request.


Bags are made with 100% recyclable plastic.

  • SECUR-PAK™ incorporates a serrated edge closure system to promote fracturing in the event of a tampering attempt, and will show evidence of heat or cold-based tampering at temperatures ranging from -60F to 160F.
  •  Use of cooling agents will cause VOID graphics to appear on closure.
  • If heat sources are used, blue dots will appear on the closure to indicate tampering.

Curved Side Seals
Side seals may be curved (as shown) or, if desired, may assume a different pattern.  For more information regarding the benefits of the curved side seal, please contact us

non-linear side seal