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Use ARMOTAPE™ – our tamper-evident security tape – to reduce the risk of theft and contamination and safeguard packages during transit.


  • Manufactured with a powerful tamper-indicating, dual-layer, non-residue voiding system

  • Forms a permanent bond to almost any surface, including cardboard, plastic, metal, and wood

  • Available as a stock item or customized roll

  • Printed with a sequentially-numbered ID for easy reference and traceability

  • Optional: built-in perforations, allowing for smaller usage as individual, linerless labels



High performance adhesive

Manufactured with a substrate of high-strength BOPP (bi-oriented polypropylene) and a high tack adhesive, fostering an extremely durable and reliable bond on almost any surface

Dry-peel, dual-layer construction

Renders it impossible to remove and reseal the top layer of tape – while the bottom layer remains permanently adhered to a surface

Tamper-indicating system

Generates “VOID” and “X” graphics on both layers of the tape, when lifted or torn, resulting in a clear visual deterrent to theft

Number & linerless labels

Developed with six-inch, optional perforations – each displaying a unique sequential number – enabling an easy audit trail for all packages

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Customized to
Your Needs

Our Design Lab develops, guides, and supports all customer design requirements. ARMOTAPE™ can be produced with customized widths, colors, designs, and numbering aimed to comply with your branding and transportation needs. Contact our team of experts to develop your custom tamper-evident tape or labels today.


ARMOTAPE™ is always available in stock. When customization is not required, you can purchase our stock, tamper-evident tape, developed with all of the latest innovative features and benefits. Place an order and the product will be shipped on the same or next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order?

For new customers, please contact us and our Customer Service team will promptly connect you with an Account Manager to set up your account and complete your order. For existing customers, please contact our Customer Service team and a representative will connect with you promptly to complete your new order.

What do your tapes look like?

To view our tapes, please contact our Customer Service team. They can either email hi-res product images or ship samples within 2 business days.

What shipping options do you offer? How long does shipping take?

We offer a wide variety of options, including ground, freight, LTL, FTL, overnight, and expedited shipping. Our Logistics department ships to over 55 countries and is constantly providing the best rates and service possible to meet all customer requirements.

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