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Our FRAUDSTOPPER ASSURE™ bags are built with a permeable, micro-perforated fleece fabric, which is specifically designed to allow ink to flow through the body of the bag, staining the banknotes contained within.


  • Developed to be transported within a cash protection box with intelligent ink degradation technology

  • Face of bag: manufactured with a high-strength, 3-layer, co-extruded film (clear or opaque)

  • Bottom & back of bag: manufactured with a permeable micro-perforated fleece fabric, specifically designed to absorb ink

  • Available as a customized bag

  • Optional: NELMAR’s proprietary tamper-evident tape closures (Level 1-4)

  • Optional: GS1-compliant barcodes

Security Closures

FRAUDSTOPPER ASSURE™ is compatible with NELMAR's full range of security closure options, varying from Level 1 to Level 4. Based on your security needs, our adhesive closures can protect against all relevant tampering attempts:
  • Exposure to extreme heat
  • Exposure to extreme cold
  • Exposure to chemicals and solvents
  • Mechanical attacks



Non-woven fleece pouch

Developed with a micro-perforated fleece fabric, ensuring that the contents are dyed quickly and effectively upon any physical attack to the outer cash protection box

Numbers and barcoding

Features high-resolution, scratch and chemical resistant serial numbers and barcodes (1D or 2D) printed with UV-cured ink jet technology, supporting track-and-trace capabilities and preventing duplicate bag replacements

In-line closure

Includes a proprietary, pressure-sensitive sealing mechanism, enabling a consistent, user-friendly sealing process when closing each security bag

Printed liner receipt system

Leverages the adhesive tape liner as the security bag receipt, rendering it impossible to seal the bag shut without first removing and using the receipt

Soluble ink

Utilizes soluble, security graphics below the tape closure that distort and dissolve if exposed to saliva, glycerin, or other liquids/gels

Indented side seals & security printing

Produced with security pouch seals and graphics, rendering it impossible to slit and reseal the sides without clear signs of tampering

Natural-fold bottom & top construction

Produced with a uniform, folded edge – rather than sealed – rendering it impossible to cut and reseal the bottom and top edges without clear signs of puncturing or slitting

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Customized To
Your Needs

Our Design Lab develops, guides, and supports all customer design requirements. FRAUDSTOPPER ASSURE™ security bags can be produced with customized dimensions, thicknesses, print, and many more modular features aimed to work seamless in conjunction with a cash protection box. Contact our team of experts to develop your custom bag today.


We always have bags in stock. When customization is not required, you can purchase NELMAR’s FRAUDSTOPPER™ stock bags in the most popular sizes and formats. Our stock bags are developed and consistently updated with all of the latest FRAUDSTOPPER™ security features and benefits. Place an order and the products will be shipped on the same or next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order?

For new customers, please contact us and our Customer Service team will promptly connect you with an Account Manager to set up your account and complete your order. For existing customers, please contact our Customer Service team and a representative will connect with you promptly to complete your new order.

What is the minimum order requirement for custom bags?

Minimum order quantity for custom bags will vary depending on the size and thickness required. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our Account Managers to guide you through the process of designing your own bag.

What shipping options do you offer? How long does shipping take?

We offer a wide variety of options, including ground, freight, LTL, FTL, overnight, and expedited shipping. Our Logistics department ships to over 55 countries and is constantly providing the best rates and service possible to meet all customer requirements.

What kind of track-and-trace capabilities do you offer?

Barcoding: All of our security bags are printed with high-resolution, scratch resistant barcodes (1D or 2D) printed with UV-cured ink jet technology, enabling track-and-trace capabilities for every scan event within the chain of custody.

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