About Us

Tamper-Evident Security Packaging Experts Since 1984

We are dedicated exclusively to manufacturing, selling, and distributing tamper-evident security packaging. That’s it! Over 35+ years, our singular focus has empowered us to develop some of the most-trusted security brands used worldwide by banks, CITs, retailers, and many other industries.

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What We Stand For

  • Passion

    Our advantages stem from our passion for our products—and for the people that use them. Passion is our fuel. It’s what separates our employees from our competitors’ and drives us to go above and beyond to meet the personalized needs of each customer.

  • Leadership

    We don’t just follow the market’s highest security standards— we continuously set them. That’s why NELMAR has long been regarded as a worldwide authority and leader in the tamper-evident security packaging industry.

  • Innovation

    Our relentless focus on innovation enables us to implement and maintain the industry’s highest manufacturing benchmarks, with over $28 million invested in new machinery in the last five years alone.

  • Quality

    Security matters! Our continuous investment in the latest, cutting-edge equipment enables us to produce the highest-quality products, manufactured with the greatest consistency. Stringent quality control technology and artificial intelligence are built-in to each step of our vertically-integrated process and verified by QC Managers.

  • Customer Commitment

    We go above and beyond to accommodate our customers’ precise needs. Our customer-centric approach to business has enabled us to forge long-term, mutually beneficial relationships across various industries in North America and globally.

  • Family

    Want to know what really sets us apart? It’s our family culture. The NELMAR family is comprised of a passionate, hardworking, and diverse group of 200+ employees that propel our company to new heights every day.

Tamper-Evident Security Packaging. Uncompromised.

Look out for the seal on our tamper-evident packaging.

When you see the TE360 badge, you can feel confident knowing the packaging you’re using has 360° of tamper-evident security… uncompromised. Our FRAUDSTOPPER™ bags feature the highest level of security in the industry. How? Because we are singularly focused on tamper-evident protection and we don’t cut corners:

A relentless focus on innovation and the most advanced manufacturing technology in North America

The best raw materials and consistent quality for each and every product made

Extreme agility, proactive consultations, and customer-obsessed service

Our History

April 1984

MARNEL Packaging is born out of our original 8,000 ft2 facility, initially starting in the retail industry with a focus on high-end, plastic retail shopping bags.

May 1987

MARNEL moves to a new 35,000 ft2 facility and becomes NELMAR Security Packaging Systems: a manufacturer focused on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a new style of plastic security deposit bag (as an alternative to the traditional cloth deposit bag of the time).

July 1997

Having outgrown our original factory footprint, NELMAR moves to a new 75,000 ft2 facility on Ferrier Street in Montreal, enabling us to expand our printing and converting operations.

March 2001

NELMAR launches the first generation of our world-class FRAUDSTOPPER security bag, featuring a fully tamper-evident, in-line closure that’s easy to seal and reacts to all effects of cold and heat tampering.

December 2003

The NELMAR family surpasses 100 employees across our office and factory, highlighting our continued customer growth and demand within the retail and financial industries.

October 2006

NELMAR launches an initiative to design and build a new 150,000 ft2 factory to meet all immediate and future production requirements, including blown film extrusion lines. All operations and headquarters are moved to Terrebonne, Quebec.

January 2007

NELMAR introduces a new state-of-the-art Extrusion department, unlocking the ability to provide our customers with the industry’s finest 3-layer film.

October 2013

NELMAR launches the innovative FRAUDSTOPPER ONE™ security bag to market, enabling us to offer our top-tier Level-4 security to new customer segments.

July 2014

NELMAR increases production capacity with a 50,000 ft2 expansion to our factory, increasing capacity for both bag-making operations and warehousing.

March 2019

NELMAR introduces the new Lamination & Tape department with the purchase of new, world-class laminating, coating, and spooling machinery. These additions enable us to produce our own security tape and control 100% of the manufacturing process.

January 2020

NELMAR enhances production capacity by more than 280 million security bags per year upon the completion of our latest round of capital expenditure: adding three fully-robotic film converting machines to our existing fleet.

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Our vertically-integrated process enables us to control every aspect of our operations, ensuring the highest quality products and services.

Our Environmental

All of NELMAR’s products are made of 100% recyclable resin.

However, our commitment to sustainability does not stop there. We are also committed to NELMAR’s Go-Green Initiative, as we continue to invest in new technology to develop sustainable manufacturing processes and eco-friendly products for our customers:

  • Products available with post-consumer recycled resin
  • 100% of all production scrap is recycled
  • Our facility incorporates energy-efficient equipment

Our Leadership

  • Kevin Couto Director, Production Operations

    Kevin Couto
    Director, Production Operations

    Kevin Couto is NELMAR’s Director of Production Operations. He leads the company’s vertically-integrated production process, serving as the liaison between departments and overseeing all logistics from Extrusion and Lamination to Printing and Conversion.

    Kevin prides himself on maintaining a strong pulse on the production process at all times. He works closely with senior management in setting operational goals and provides day-to-day guidance to the production managers and their teams to ensure that objectives are consistently reached.

    Since joining NELMAR in 2006, Kevin has served as an Account Manager, Inventory Coordinator, Procurement Specialist, and Assistant Production Manager before being tasked with managing all production-related operations. Under his current position, he has played an important role in several key initiatives, including the implementation of fully-robotic converting machinery, the launch of the Lamination department, and the development of RFID tracking capabilities.

    Kevin also serves as the Director of Production Operations for Plastixx FFS Technologies – where he is responsible for operations and production logistics.

    Outside of work, Kevin values family time, is a passionate home chef, and has an unwavering sports allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Manoj Dixit Director, Extrusion Operations

    Manoj Dixit
    Director, Extrusion Operations

    Manoj Dixit is NELMAR’s Director of Extrusion Operations. He leads the company’s ever-growing Extrusion department and is responsible for the development of all blown film rolls used in its products.

    Manoj takes pride in consistently producing the finest 3-layer film in the security packaging industry, ensuring that resin quality, film blends, and gauge and profile variations are each taken into careful consideration. He joined NELMAR in 2006 and was initially tasked with forming and launching its new state-of-the-art Extrusion department. Since then, he has played a critical role in steadily increasing the company’s film capacity and the size of its Extrusion team.

    Manoj also serves as the Director of Extrusion Operations for Plastixx FFS Technologies. Prior to joining NELMAR, he worked as a polymer engineer based in Malaysia.

    Outside of work, Manoj is a regular volunteer at his temple and is actively involved with Montreal’s Indian community. He enjoys traveling, swimming, chess, badminton, and spending as much time as possible with his family.

    Manoj has a Bachelor of Science degree and a post-graduate diploma in Polymer Engineering.

  • Michael Nissen Director, Bag Conversion

    Michael Nissen
    Director, Bag Conversion

    Michael Nissen is NELMAR’s Director of Bag Conversion. He oversees all bag-making operations, tasked with optimizing production speed, maintaining stringent quality control measures, and consistently guiding his team to master the conversion process.

    Michael joined NELMAR in 2001 and has served as a Maintenance Technician, Assistant Production Manager, and Production Manager before being elevated to run the Conversion department. He continues to oversee the implementation of NELMAR’s growing fleet of fully-robotic converting machinery and has played a key role in helping the company increase its annual security bag output by more than 50%.

    With over 20 years of mechanical engineering experience, Michael takes pride in sharing his knowledge with all employees and empowering many of his team members to advance up the ranks within NELMAR.

    Outside of work, Michael enjoys spending quality time with family and is equally as passionate about outdoor activities, including biking and running.

  • Eric Dohrendorf Director, Product & Market Development

    Eric Dohrendorf
    Director, Product & Market Development

    Eric Dohrendorf is NELMAR’s Director of Product & Market Development. He is primarily responsible for product and business development, consulting closely with NELMAR’s customers across the world to develop powerful security products that satisfy their distinct needs. When customers think of Eric, one word always comes to mind: PASSION. His passion for NELMAR’s products — and for the people that use them — enable him to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

    Eric has played a crucial role in the development of NELMAR’s current product line. With over 24 years of experience in the tamper-evident security packaging industry, he has worked alongside some of the largest banks and armored carriers, managing countless NELMAR accounts across 25 countries. Eric uses this deep consumer knowledge to understand what product specifications his customers actually require, rather than providing them with a generic solution.

    Outside of work, Eric enjoys travelling internationally with his wife and daughter, while putting his multiple language skills to use. Eric is also an avid cyclist and home design/architecture enthusiast. Some of his home improvement projects have even been published in industry-specific magazines.

    Eric holds a Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in International Business from Concordia University.

  • Annie Martin Director, Finance

    Annie Martin
    Director, Finance

    Annie Martin is NELMAR’s Director of Finance. She is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing all the financial activities of the company. This includes leading the risk management and accounting operations and ensuring that best practices are followed in maintaining a strong capital structure.

    Annie takes pride in the strategic aspect of her role, which allows her to anticipate financial results, identify risks and opportunities, and work closely with the Operations team to help them better understand the impact of their day-to-day role on financial figures.

    Prior to joining NELMAR, Annie brings 14 years of financial accounting experience from L’Oréal Canada, where she most recently served as its Director of Finance. At L’Oréal, she was in charge of all accounting related tasks, including managing capital expansion, anticipating results, and helping to maintain competitive product pricing. Annie also previously worked as its Financial Controller and Financial Analyst, spending time both at the distribution center and manufacturing plant.

    Outside of work, Annie enjoys hiking with her dog and gardening, though she most values the time spent with her son.

    Annie is a CPA, CMA and holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from HEC Montréal.

  • Sam Pearl Director, Marketing & Communications

    Sam Pearl
    Director, Marketing & Communications

    Sam Pearl is the Director of Marketing & Communications for NELMAR. He is responsible for developing the company’s marketing campaigns, establishing a digital and social media presence, and creating NELMAR’s current brand voice and visual identity. Sam loves the challenges associated with introducing technical products to diverse audiences in a way that is both simple and engaging.

    Sam also serves as the Director of Marketing & Communications for Plastixx FFS Technologies and Balcan Packaging, both part of the Balcan Innovations group. He was previously an Account Executive at Grey New York, leading national advertising campaigns for UPMC’s (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) Concussion and Liver Transplantation programs. He has also worked alongside other consumer brands, developing marketing strategies and industry analysis for Hasbro and Colgate.

    Outside of work, Sam is an obsessive hockey player and fan. When he’s not playing sports, he can otherwise be found binge-watching the latest hit series on Netflix.

    Sam holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

  • Emma Haralambous Director, Account Management & Customer Service

    Emma Haralambous
    Director, Account Management & Customer Service

    Emma Haralambous is NELMAR’s Director of Account Management and Customer Service. She leads a dynamic team of Salespeople, Account Managers, and Customer Service Representatives across the Account Management and Customer Service departments. Emma plays an active role in guiding the team through every customer interaction, providing dedicated assistance during the quoting, implementation and onboarding process, as well as personalized auditing and support after program launch.

    Emma’s mission is to forge and maintain long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with her customers. She began her career at NELMAR in 2012 as the company’s first Account Manager, providing dedicated one-to-one support and consultative services to some of NELMAR’s largest accounts. Over the next decade, she took pride in coaching new Account Managers and eventually adding the Customer Service department and customer inventory programs to her growing list of responsibilities.

    Outside of work, Emma values all the quality time she can spend with her two children and enjoys outdoor activities with the whole family.