Our Process
  1. Extrusion

    All co-extrusion lines operate in a pressure-controlled hall for optimal film sheet conformity:

    • Combines three distinct layers of resin, each with its own recipes and characteristics, to optimize the quality/strength of our film
    • Produces film at tolerances of +/- 3% of gauge and profile variation for consistent quality
    • Applies custom resin combinations tailored to each customer’s needs
  2. Printing

    Our advanced 10-color printing presses enable us to produce high-quality, high-resolution graphics:

    • Produces 4-color process print quality graphics to meet each customer’s unique branding requirements
    • Prints 2,000 ft. per minute, at a maximum print width of 67″, optimizing weekly printing schedules
    • Achieves standard setups and changeovers (from 1-10 colors) in 15 minutes or less
  3. Lamination

    Our Lamination department provides us with complete quality control and unlocks a series of innovative product features:

    • Utilizes a high-tech coat weight monitoring system to ensure consistent adhesive levels and maximize quality/bonding strength
    • Eliminates production stoppages through the use of turret unwinds and rewinds, enabling fewer splices
    • Laminates and coats at 1,000 ft. per minute, optimizing production and turnaround times
  4. Conversion

    Our fleet of fully-robotic converting (bag-making) machines each produce 250 bags per minute:

    • All quality control is performed by technology and verified by a QC Manager
    • Uses a sophisticated camera verification system to scan all outbound barcodes and ensure readability
  5. Distribution

    Our products are shipped to over 55 countries worldwide through our comprehensive Fulfillment, Warehousing, and Distribution departments:

    • SAP-integrated Warehouse Management System monitors the quantity and location of all products
    • Distribution schedules can be tailored to meet all customer requirements, including international shipping and branch/store-door delivery
    • 24/7 camera surveillance monitors all areas of our facility
  6. Supply Chain Management

    Our streamlined technology empowers us to track the movement and storage of all goods with the use of handheld PC scanners and radio frequency technology:

    • Monitors inventory closely to ensure availability of sufficient stock
    • Notifies customers if ordering and usage patterns fluctuate, revising stock replenishment points if necessary
    • Provides an extensive range of ordering, inventory, and payment programs
  7. Account Management & Customer Service

    We are a customer-obsessed company that focuses on delivering an unmatched experience. Our team:

    • Assigns a dedicated Account Manager and Customer Service Representative to each account, ensuring a smooth post-manufacturing experience
    • Offers unmatched flexibility in providing products and programs tailored to the needs of each customer
    • Guarantees 100% customer satisfaction via same-day response times, proactive order and inventory tracking, readily available on-site support, and much more
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