With online luxury sales growing rapidly, shipping logistics and security matter more than ever. Our proprietary FRAUDSTOPPER™ mailer bags are used by retailers and couriers to ensure the safe transportation of high-value e-commerce deliveries.

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Today, some luxury retailers are still shipping their high-value goods in basic, easily penetrable courier envelopes due to their low costs. But why should you have to choose between superior security and cost? To protect valuables in transit, our FRAUDSTOPPER™ mailer bags were developed with the same sophisticated, tamper-evident technology as the cash-in-transit industry and are competitively priced to unlock enhanced security and logistics across your network.

Popular Formats
& Applications

Popular Formats
& Applications


Can be custom produced and printed to any size and configuration

ArmoTape™ Security Tape

Available configurations: perforated every 6 inches (linerless label) or continuous (non-perforated)

Tamper-Evident Labels

Available configuration: liner-backed, die-cut labels (optional - custom sizing and print)

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Our tamper-evident delivery products are available under the following brand names:
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of track-and-trace capabilities do you offer?

Barcoding: All our security bags are custom-produced with high-resolution, scratch resistant barcodes (1D or 2D) and printed with UV-cured ink jet technology, enabling track-and-trace capabilities for every scan event within the chain of custody.

What type of customization do you offer?

Our Design Lab develops, guides, and supports all customer design requirements. Our FRAUDSTOPPER™ mailer bags can be produced with customized dimensions, thickness, print, and many more modular features aimed to enhance your security packaging experience. Our advanced 10-color printing capabilities enable us to incorporate HD graphics and shipping instructions to fit your company’s distinct needs.

How can I place an order?

For new customers, please contact us and our Customer Service team will promptly connect you with an Account Manager to set up your account and complete your order. For existing customers, please contact our Customer Service team and a representative will connect with you promptly to complete your new order.

What is the minimum order requirement for custom bags?

Minimum order quantity for custom bags will vary depending on the size and thickness required. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our Account Managers to guide you through the process of designing your own bag.

What shipping options do you offer? How long does shipping take?

We offer a wide variety of options, including ground, freight, LTL, FTL, overnight, and expedited shipping. Our Logistics department ships to over 55 countries and is constantly providing the best rates and service possible to meet all customer requirements.

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