Coin Bags

Coin Bags
NELMAR’s coin bags meet – if not exceed – all of the most stringent testing requirements mandated by the coin processing industry, as well as by the “Federal Reserve System”.
coin bags

Features Common To All Formats

  • All coin bags are manufactured from a 3-layer specially formulated coin blend film.
  • Bags are loaded with coin to their full weight capacities and are then dropped 8 to 10 times from a height of six feet. This ensures that all bags can withstand the rigors of shipping.
  • The unique pressure-sensitive self-sealing closure mechanism features high-strength permanent adhesive.
  • A film overlap is added at the closure level for reinforcement and to eliminate the nuisance of coins being exposed to the adhesive.
  • Sequential numbering, bar codes and a tear-off receipt are imprinted onto the bag, allowing for an easy audit trail
  • Air evacuation holes are punched through the material, allowing excess air to escape while reducing condensation.