Security is imperative when millions of dollars are invested in the development of ground-breaking new drugs. The risk of contamination or theft of expensive and innovative pharmaceuticals is extremely high without the protection of high-security tamper-evident packaging. To fulfill these requirements, NELMAR has developed tamper-evident packaging designed for the transport and storage of narcotics and controlled substances.
Pharmaceutical Bags
  • NELMAR's pharmaceutical transport bags feature the FRAUDSTOPPER™ tamper-evident closure - the only closure that is impossible to open and re-seal without showing signs of tampering.
  • Our FRAUDSTOPPER™ closure will reveal clear indications of unauthorized entry as a result of heat, cold and ambient based attempts, and is equipped with additional features along the side seals to provide maximum security.
  • Unique sequential numbers are imprinted on the body of the bag and on the tamper-evident closure. This prevents attempts at switching bags and provides an audit trail.
  • Barcoding and document pouches are available as options.