1. NELMAR’s recycles 100% of post-production scrap, and all of our security packaging products are category 4 recyclable.
  2. Theft has increased sharply since the recession of 2008, especially by employees who are entrusted to handle cash while at work. This has resulted in a significant rise in the demand for the highest levels of tamper-evident bags.
  3. NELMAR is a supplier to many Fortune 500 companies.
  4. NELMAR manufactures the only tamper-evident bag on the market that cannot be opened and re-sealed without showing signs of tampering.
  5. Plastics have helped to reduce the average weight of cars by 200kg, thereby economizing 500 liters of fuel every 100,000km[1].
  6. In the past, 99% of all plastics were derived from crude oil, which were used to produce different monomers, which then joined together to form polymers. Today, and in the future, a greater amount will be derived from agricultural sources[2].
  7. Only 4% of the total volume of crude oil produced is used to make plastics[2].
  8. The average shopper uses more oil driving to the supermarket than is used in all the plastic packaging that protects their goods[3].
  9. The electricity generated by the incineration of just one plastic bag is enough to power a 60-watt light bulb for 10 minutes[1].
  10. Plastics have an energy value comparable to that of heating oil, and over double that of paper, wood and coal[1].

[1] Federation de la Plasturgie
[2] Plastics Europe
[3] British Plastics Federation