ARMOTAPE™ will safeguard valuable packages in transit and lower the risk of theft during transportation.

Secure the Integrity of
Every Shipment

Authorized recipients can now have increased security when receiving important packages. Manufactured with a powerful tamper-indicating, dual-layer voiding system, ARMOTAPE™ forms a permanent bond to almost any surface and will void if compromised.

Examples of usage:
Cartons, Pallets, Crates, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Polyethylene Bags, Mail Order Packaging, Warranty Seals, Liquor Containers, Election/Ballot Boxes, etc.

Applicable on Most Surfaces:
Cardboard, Corrugated Carboard, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Wood, Paint, etc.

ArmoTape_box and arm

Features and Benefits

ZOOM ArmoTape_Roll

Permanent Adhesive Technology
Made with a substrate of high-stength BOPP (bi-oriented polypropylene), this tape is extremely durable and reliable for all shipping requirements.


Dry-Peel and Dual-Layer Construction
While the tape’s top layer can be removed, the base layer remains permanently adhered to the surface on which it was applied. The top layer is impossible to reseal and both layers become non-adherent.


Tamper-Indicating System
“Void” and “X” graphics immediately appear on both layers if the tape is lifted or torn, resulting in a clear visual deterrent to theft.

  • Linerless Labels
    The tape can be perforated into six-inch labels, allowing for smaller usage while still providing maximum security.
  • Numbering
    Each individual label contains a unique sequential number, allowing for easy reference and traceability. A different tracking number appears every six inches.
  • Custom-Design
    Customization may include design, colors, numbering, corporate branding, etc.