Security Level
BLUE ADHESIVE products include a security pattern which becomes distorted when the bag is opened and re-sealed

Using “FOLD-OVER” technology, NELMAR’s tamper indicating blue adhesive closure is designed to close over a printed security pattern which will become distorted in such a way that makes it difficult to open and then reseal the bag without showing evidence of tampering.

Features and Benefits

ZOOM blueadhesive_singlepocket
Blue Adhesive_closure

Blue Adhesive is categorized as LEVEL 2 as it does not incorporate heat or cold indicating qualities.

side seal

Side Seals
Indented  pouch seals used on all bags.
Curved or patterned side seals are available upon request.


Bags are made with 100% recyclable plastic.

  • Can be printed with sequential numbering and/or barcoding or tear-off receipt.
  • Document pouches may be added.

Curved Side Seals
Side seals may be curved (as shown) or, if desired, may assume a different pattern.  For more information regarding the benefits of the curved side seal, please contact us.

non-linear side seal