Security Level
FRAUDSTOPPER ONE™ delivers your valuables with security and peace of mind.


FRAUDSTOPPER ONE™ is a LEVEL-4 tamper-evident security closure system. FRAUDSTOPPER ONE™ is manufactured with co-extruded 3-layer clear or opaque film and offers an “in-line” or “flat” security closure. Any attempt to open and re-seal the bag will immediately display signs of tampering.

This user-friendly tamper-evident closure system offers a high-level of security for retail deposit bagsbank deposit bags, and evidence bags up to 12″ in width.

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Features and Benefits

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FRAUDSTOPPER ONE™ incorporates both heat- and cold-indicating technology.


Side Seals
Indented pouch seals are used on all bags. Curved or patterned side seals are also available upon request.


Made with 100% recyclable plastic.

  • FRAUDSTOPPER ONE™ incorporates both heat- and cold-based tamper-indicating technology for temperatures ranging from -60°F to 160°F.
  • Use of cooling agents will cause VOID graphics to appear on the closure.
  • If heat sources are used, blue dots will appear on the closure to indicate tampering.
  • Saliva soluble inks are available as an option. These inks are an indicator of tampering if an attempt is made to use saliva, water or glycerin to defeat the other security features of the closure.

Curves Side Seals
Side seals may be curved (as shown) or, if desired, may assume a different pattern.  For more information regarding the benefits of the curved side seal, please contact us.