Employee Spotlight: Izabela Pawlak

8 20 20

Meet our Contract & Project Management Specialist, Izabela!


When did you start working at NELMAR and what was your initial role?
I started in 2008 as a Sales Coordinator and Assistant to the VP of Sales and Marketing before becoming NELMAR’s Contract and Project Management Specialist.

Tell me about your role at the company in three sentences or fewer.
In reality, if I tell you what I do, you won’t be able to put it on the website in less than 4 sentences. It’s a wide array of different things. You can say that I manage contracts and agreements, and review any of the new contracts that come on board. You can say that I take care of our IT infrastructure – I’m the main contact for our IT services. And, I also assist the Sales team with new customer program implementations. Currently, my work ranges from managing tasks like our e-commerce project to enhancing the Wi-Fi coverage in the factory to implementing new EDI platforms.

NELMAR’s website lists six ideals that the company stands for: Passion, Leadership, Innovation, Quality, Customer Commitment, and Family. To which of these do you think you contribute the most in your role?
Passion. Because I’m always very passionate about whatever I do. I’m a perfectionist. If I start something, I like to finish it and I need it to be of the best quality. So, there’s your answer for the second one I guess? Quality and Passion. If we can only list two, those are the two I would choose… I’m not going to start crying right now, but NELMAR has always felt like a second Family to me. Since I came to Canada, this is my second job and just the fact that I’ve been at NELMAR over 12 years stands to show the type of family that the company is for me. I would like to think that I contribute to the NELMAR family well-being…

Izabela, on her and NELMAR's shared value, passion:
I'm always very passionate about whatever I do. I'm a perfectionist. It needs to be of the best quality.

What three words best describe you? How do these qualities help you in your role?
It’s always very difficult question to answer, don’t you find? I would say, Commitment. I’m always very committed to what I do. Analytical. It’s not always a quality, but since I lead projects in my role, I have to make sure all the elements are there and that we don’t miss anything. All the stakeholders have to be included, all the requirements of the project have to be analyzed, all the steps have to be followed, and we have to make sure that we finish each project having met our goals. For the last one, I think I can work with people regardless of their backgrounds and personalities. That’s a quality that’s really needed for someone who works with many stakeholders at the same time and tries to get them working together.

What do you think makes NELMAR successful?
We have a great leadership team. I would say that is one of the keys to the success. The other key is the way we work together. The entire company makes a great team and I think we have a group of  open-minded people, who work very well together.

Outside of work, what do you like to do in your spare time?
I like hiking. Actually, I love hiking. We have very nice hiking trails here in Quebec, so that’s where I currently go, but I also hike a bit in the States, in Vermont. Other than that, I love taking trips, and I love going back to Poland to spend some time over there. I still miss it.

Tell me something about yourself that your coworkers might be surprised to learn.
I have translated two or three crime books from English to Polish.  One of them was actually written by a Canadian author. I don’t think people know that about me, you can go into a bookstore in Poland and find some books translated by me.

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