Employee Spotlight: Katherine Lagogianis

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Meet our Customer Service Representative, Katherine!


When did you start working at NELMAR and what was your initial role?
I started working here ten and a half years ago. I started in Customer Service, and that’s the same place where I am today.

Tell me about your role at the company in three sentences or fewer.
As a Customer Service Representative, my role includes answering customer phone calls and emails and making sure the customer receives their order, while everything else goes smoothly in the process. In other words, I ensure that the post-manufacturing process is handled perfectly for the customer.

NELMAR’s website lists six ideals that the company stands for: Passion, Leadership, Innovation, Quality, Customer Commitment, and Family. To which of these do you think you contribute the most in your role?
In my role, I would say customer commitment, because that is what I do. I go above and beyond to make sure the customer is always happy. I would also say family because that’s how I feel here – it’s a second family for me.

Outside of work, what do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to sleep, when I have time. [Laughs] I have two young kids, so not much time to do anything, but I do enjoy a book here and there if I have a moment to get to that book and to read a chapter. But that’s pretty much where I’m at with two small children. I cook, clean and enjoy my time with the kids.

Katherine, on a quality that best describes her:
I have a very outgoing personality, so that helps with speaking to many different customers and having that comfort level.

What is something that surprised you about the way NELMAR operates in comparison to your prior expectations?
Nothing really. I would say it’s the best place I’ve worked at – and it’s been a long time. The last company I worked at was very corporate. You felt more like a number. Whereas here, the employees are very close. So I guess NELMAR’s culture would be the main difference to me.

Use three words to describe yourself. How do these qualities help you in your role?
One, I have a very outgoing personality, so that helps with speaking to many different customers and having that comfort level. Two, everyone says I’m very fun to be around – specifically my jokes – but not sure how that helps me in my role. Three, I’m very organized. Everything has to be very meticulous and I would say that’s one of my top qualities. In my role, there’s a lot of information and you need to be very thorough, or else mistakes can happen. So I’d say those three.

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I think I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. I can’t really remember anything else, that’s really going back. I remember more in my twenties, but ten is a long time ago.

What has been your biggest accomplishment while working at NELMAR?
I didn’t know anything about e-commerce websites before working here. Working on a few e-commerce projects has taught me quite a bit. So that’s a pretty big accomplishment. 

What do you think makes NELMAR successful?
The people that work here. It’s all about teamwork – and that’s what makes this business go.

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