Innovation and Evolution at NELMAR

June 22nd, 2012, by Neil Freder

I’d like to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on all of the major developments that have taken place at NELMAR as we have recently moved forward on several compelling new projects. Promoting certain key employees, introducing new departments, and enhancing some of our processes are just a few of the initiatives we’ve embarked upon.

A very significant personnel change happened late in 2011 when Eric Dohrendorf took on the role as our Director of Product & Market Development. With 16 years of experience, including 10 years with NELMAR, Eric has always been passionate about the tamper-evident security bag sector. He possesses a wealth of product knowledge and has many impressive ideas for security-related items. We have already been provided with some exciting new designs and products that will come to the market shortly; ideas which collectively will help us bring greater value to our customers. We are fortunate to have a resource such as Eric with so many innovative ideas in the field – but rest assured that he will continue to manage his accounts and nurture his valuable customer relationships.

A second important personnel change took place in March of 2012, when Mark Kolofsky was promoted to the Director of Customer Service position. Mark’s career with NELMAR began three years ago, and in that time, he has shown an impressive dedication to our customers as well as strong leadership ability. We are very proud of Mark’s well-deserved accomplishment.

NELMAR has also been progressing with developments that range from new security packaging items to technology-related advancements that will aid our customers in procuring all that they need for their daily cash handling. Chief among these advancements is the creation of on-line stores for our customers, which will offer a host of products with simple ease of ordering, shipping and billing at extremely competitive prices.  We are also in the process of reviving non-linear side seals – a product feature from the past – to make them available on most of our FRAUDSTOPPER™ tamper-evident security bags. We are viewing this as an evolution of the security of tamper-evident packaging itself.   We also look forward to further advancements in resins and films that will help produce some very interesting products in the near future.  I must note that we made some tremendous innovations in this area towards the end of 2011 that will be introduced to the market shortly.

Our greatest focus in 2011 was on the implementation and scale-up of our manufacturing technology, and we believe that we made superb accomplishments in this area.  I can confidently say that we have stepped into a space where our plant’s quality control and processes have been enhanced well beyond what you’d see at any other security packaging plant in the world in terms of reduced scrap, faster production speed and consistency of product.  We recycle 100% of our post-production scrap and, by reducing the scrap rates through our processes, we were able to consume 5% less raw material per order than our norm of the past 27 years. 5% lower raw material production for the same back end output, definitely makes a difference in environmental impact.  Along with all of the other associated gains, we are very proud of these statistics.

This year, we have hosted numerous plant tours and associated events for customers. They have been informative and extremely educational for those who have never seen how we make the tamper-evident security bags that they use in their everyday operations.  Equally as important, they have given us a chance to learn a great deal about our customers and their requirements.  The tours have also been worthwhile since they have improved our customer’s understanding of our processes and cost breakdowns. Items that seem so simple to us at NELMAR are often misunderstood by those who have never seen how the product is made. A day in our plant – observing all of the aspects of plastic film production, printing and bag-making – goes a long way toward helping those who buy our products to appreciate the systems involved in making them. We find that a first hand visual understanding of how we make our products answers many of the questions that our clients once had, such as those pertaining to barcoding and barcode reading. If you have any interest in participating in a plant tour or event day, please contact your NELMAR representative to set it up.  We would love to have you come and see for yourself what it is we do for you.  The trip is worth the time.

2011 and 2012 thus far, has been a time of evolution for our marketing department as well. In keeping pace with the fast changing digital world, we set out to completely redo our website, which we recently released. I personally found our old website, while it served us well at the time, was starting to look outdated as it definitely had some rust on it. Our new site has a modern look and user-friendly approach.  We believe that all who use it will enjoy it far more than the old one. A Social Media Department was also established with the appointment of Mike Argento as its visionary.  You are a receiving this update as a result of Mike’s efforts, and we are having a lot of fun and learning a great deal by interacting with our clients through various media outlets. Social Media is enabling us to be more visible, approachable and available to our client base and to the overall market.  Watch for some great content and news items to come to you via our blog and social media platforms.

Although Mike is the moderator of the blog, I and several other members of our team will be contributing in order to offer you a variety of perspectives about the company, about business and about life in general. The best part is that you can communicate with our bloggers and express your opinions by leaving comments in the space provided at the end of each posting. I strongly encourage you to participate.

I will be posting another NELMAR update in the coming months. Stay tuned!


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