Striving for ZERO

July 6th, 2012, by Gary Iozzo

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Striving for ZERO! Did that title intrigue you a little? I mean… who strives for zero? It goes against everything our parents raised us to aspire to as kids. But if you work in the Loss Prevention field or in an industry where the protection of cash and valuables is essential, you know exactly what I’m talking about. When it comes to Loss Prevention, ZERO is the absolute best anyone can achieve. ZERO LOSSES. It may sound unrealistic, but as an employee of a tamper-evident security bag manufacturing company, I can honestly tell you that ZERO losses certainly is the objective we have in mind when we design our products.

NSPG (NELMAR’s Security Packaging Group) was created so individuals with Loss Prevention concerns can easily find each other and share best practices. The basic premise is that through collaboration, all members can benefit from the sharing of information and therefore achieve a decrease in theft related losses. It also gives us at NELMAR, a chance to hear your feedback so we can uncover needs or problems that sometimes go overlooked. NSPG is also the first Linkedin Group of its kind with a focus on the benefits and role of security packaging within a comprehensive security system. You are, of course, free to discuss any security issue that you like.

To highlight the key advantages of NSPG, I would like to share this scenario with you, which will be particularly beneficial to new users of Linkedin or Linkedin groups. Let’s say you are a retailer or are responsible for the Loss Prevention of a retail chain. You realize that you’ve experienced an increase in theft of cash or other valuables from the previous year. You want to know why and you want a solution to protect your hard earned profits. As a member of NSPG you can seek the counsel of fellow group members and have a two-way conversation almost immediately. All you need to do is open the group page and post a discussion. The advice is free and all members are there for the purpose of helping others and to seek advice themselves. You can also broaden your network by adding fellow members to your personal connections, which then allows you to develop an even deeper relationship with that individual.

Networking and solution finding has been facilitated tremendously because of Linkedin Groups. Never before has it been easier to find the information and answers you need to get ahead. Want to try it out? Click on the NSPG
link in the right column to JOIN TODAY!

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