SureTraxx™ Revolutionizes the Process of Cash Management

June 23rd, 2015, by Sam Pearl

SureTraxx™ Deposit Ticket Generator


Through the use of advanced technology, NELMAR Security Packaging Systems has launched its unique SureTraxx™ Deposit Ticket Generator. This Cash Management program revolutionizes the processing of Cash Deposits. Using a secure web-based Deposit Ticket Generator and a Track-and-Trace system, SureTraxx™ offers the ability to create and monitor Deposits quickly and easily. This helps to significantly reduce costs and minimize potential human calculation errors. Thus, the entire Deposit creation process can now be executed more efficiently than ever before.

SureTraxx™ will allow Customers to view when Deposits are prepared by individual locations, along with the date and value of anticipated credits at the Bank in which the location is serviced. The availability of this information will allow Corporate or Store Management to better manage anticipated Funds, minimize Cash Handling delays and identify potential lost Deposits more efficiently.

 “The preparation and management of Cash Deposits will be significantly improved with our SureTraxx™ product. The immediate access to Deposit information will also greatly benefit a Company’s management of its Assets, as well as the prevention and reconciliation of losses traditionally attributed to the handling of Cash Deposits,” said Refugio Lopez, Vice President, Cash Management Services.

How it Works
Each Tamper-Evident Deposit Bag has a unique number that is recorded into the SureTraxx™ system with each Deposit. As a result, deposit activity can be monitored and tracked based on the individual serial number of the Deposit Bag.

SureTraxx™ automatically calculates the total values of the individual denominations for each Deposit and generates a printable Deposit Ticket that is also stored, in real time, on the SureTraxx™ platform. Users can then place Cash and Checks, along with the printed Deposit Ticket, inside a Tamper-Evident Deposit Bag. Once the contents are sealed inside the bag, the bag is ready to be transported to the Bank in the final step of a fast and easy Deposit process.

Benefits and Advantages

Enhanced Monitoring and Tracking
SureTraxx™ offers the ability to monitor Deposit activity in real time across multiple stores or locations. Users can also review individual Deposit information online.

Reduced Errors and Significantly Lower Deposit Ticket Cost
Automated Data Calculations eliminate human error and unnecessary Bank Reconciliation fees. The use of SureTraxx™, as opposed to paper Deposit Tickets, results in significant Cost Savings of up to 80% as compared to traditional Deposit Tickets.

Increased Security
SureTraxx™ Deposit Ticket Generator allows users to limit access to specific administrators and employees with individual username and password protection. The SSL-encrypted website allows sensitive information like credit card numbers and login credentials to be transmitted securely on a trusted server.

Revolutionizing Cash Deposits
The user-friendly yet secure interface makes the online program a great fit for Banks, Retailers, and Businesses worldwide. SureTraxx™ delivers a more flexible, organized and integrated deposit method – one that is easy to use and which provides quality data to better manage Cash Deposits and Cash Flow Operations.

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