Inside NELMAR: Learn about our Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Facility

July 21st, 2015, by Sam Pearl

NELMAR Security Packaging Systems Inc. possesses the most up-to-date technology in extrusion, printing and bag conversion, ensuring that we provide the highest-quality tamper-evident security packaging systems as well as great value to our global Customer base.

To add to our latest machinery, we have recently purchased revolutionary new equipment, including automated bag-making machines. Our latest investments in technology have enhanced quality control to a level never before reached by the Security Packaging industry.

machines 2

By employing high levels of innovation and technology, NELMAR’s newest machines allow for significant advancements in terms of effectiveness and efficiency:

– 80% increase in production capacity

– Output speeds more than doubled

– Advanced 3-layer co-extrusion lines for manufacturing plastic film, operating in a pressure-controlled hall for optimum bubble stability and plastic sheet conformity, provide for more precise gauge and profile control

– By performing every activity in our value chain (extrusion, printing, converting, warehousing and logistics, distribution, and fulfillment), NELMAR’s operation is 100% vertically integrated

To learn more about our facility and manufacturing processes, please visit:

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