Beverly Shwarzer Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Beverly Shwarzer is NELMAR Security Packaging Systems Inc.’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. She first joined NELMAR in 2003 as the Director of Marketing and was responsible for executing all marketing strategies and initiatives. Her main focus was on shaping and aligning NELMAR’s powerful brands on a worldwide platform.

In 2006, Beverly took on the role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Today she leads, oversees and is responsible for the structure, strategy and execution of NELMAR’s Sales and Marketing teams. She is also responsible for business development, corporate communications and the Customer Service department. She maintains a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the company. She manages all of NELMAR’s communication channels and ensures that congruency is maintained between the Sales and Marketing departments

Beverly is continuously developing strategies that drive revenue growth, while consistently growing new business segments and expanding NELMAR’s existing customer base. She is accountable for revenue and profit.

Beverly’s continuous mission is to fundamentally accelerate and forge long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers, and to enhance NELMAR’s brand image.

Prior to joining NELMAR, Beverly gained extensive experience in sales and marketing, business and leadership management and corporate branding ranging from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to furniture manufacturing and interior design.

Beverly enjoys travelling, jet skiing, snow skiing, working out, fashion and interior design.