Eric Galarneau Director of Production, Printing


Eric Galarneau is the Director of Production in NELMAR Security Packaging Systems Inc.’s printing department, which uses the latest color-mixing and printing press technology to ensure that all printed rolls are of top quality before being sent to be converted into finished bags. Eric is responsible for the pre-press approval of the raw plastic (in regard to size, gauge and corona-treat levels) and of the accuracy of the printing plate mounting in relation to the approved artwork. Once a job is set up on the press, Eric verifies that the inks match the specified colors and that the print is free of flaws. Eric also oversees the facility’s recently modernized in-house ink mixing operation, which has led to the enhancement of NELMAR’s overall just-in-time, make-ready color system and to a reduction in the inventory of pre-mixed colors.

Eric joined NELMAR in 1991 as a machine operator before being promoted to chief operator and then to production manager. Eric assumed the director position in NELMAR’s printing department when their new printing systems were introduced.

Like most Montreal natives, Eric is a passionate Montreal Canadiens fan. His hobbies include photography and his free time is normally spent with his family and his 160-pound Great Dane.