Mary Golfman Vice President and Co-Founder


Mary Golfman is the Vice President and Co-Founder of NELMAR Security Packaging Systems Inc. Although her involvement with the company was more prominent during NELMAR’s evolution, she is nevertheless an active director of the company today.

Mary met Neil Freder while they were both working as sales representatives for a manufacturer of corrugated boxes and plastic bags. It was there that the idea to create their own bag-making enterprise was born, and in 1984 they established NELMAR.

Initially, the company was established to manufacture bags for retail / boutique applications. In 1987, based on the realization that a sizable market for such products was emerging, the company switched their focus to the development and production of tamper-evident security packaging. Mary’s extensive sales expertise greatly contributed to NELMAR during their maturation as a young company. Neil describes her dedication as paramount in building the foundation upon which NELMAR stands today.

Mary enjoys golfing and travels frequently. She spends much of her time with her family and grandchildren, and appreciates being involved in NELMAR as it continues to prosper.