Mitchell Goldsmith Director of Operations


Mitchell Goldsmith is the Director of Operations at NELMAR Security Packaging Systems Inc. He began his working career managing a company in the fashion industry. In 1989, he joined NELMAR as its General Manager. As NELMAR was still in its start-up phase, Mitchell was required to take responsibility for several of the company’s departments. Many of the systems in place today are the result of Mitchell’s commitment and input.

Today, Mitchell’s prime responsibility is to work with the sales team and its clients on new projects. This includes general consulting, establishing the specifications for new products and working with the graphics department to create designs that satisfy both the client’s wants and needs and the technical requirements of NELMAR’s machinery.

Mitchell’s operations team as a whole is responsible for all order processing, purchasing of supplies, preparation of production dockets and scheduling. They act as the crucial interface between Sales and Production, and ensure that all orders are produced on time and as ordered.

In the late 1990’s, while working at NELMAR Mitchell also wrote for such television shows as Lassie, Big Wolf on Campus and T’Choupi. Writing is a hobby that he continues to enjoy today.

Mitchell has a degree in English Literature from McGill University.